The ISSTA 2016 conference dinner takes place at Abtei Brauerei in Mettlach.

Mettlach is well-known for the beautiful landscape, especially the Saar loop. Several historic sites, including the remains of the oldest church in Saarland, can be found.

Abtei Brauerei offers the typical food of Saarland. Due to its vicinity to France, Saarland’s cookery is a tasty blend of french cuisine and the hearty food which is typical for Germany. Due to this unique combination, even most germans consider Saarland’s food the best in Germany (even if most people from other countries consider bavarian food to be more typical for Germany). However, the people from Saarland claim, that the food is best if you enjoy it in company.

Abtei Brauerei is most famous for its home-made beers. Brewed according to the rules of the german “Reinheitsgebot”, which was issued in 1516, this beer is the perfect fit for Saarland’s cuisine. The beer is prepared with ingredients from organic farming.


The conference dinner takes place on 19.07.2016. Buses leave at the conference hall directly after the last talk.