Christian Holler

Abstract: Browsers are complex pieces of software and at the same time have to meet highest security standards to ensure the security and privacy of millions of users. In this talk, Senior Security Engineer Christian Holler will give an introduction into his work as part of the platform security team at Mozilla. Christian will introduce basic concepts in fuzz testing as well as tools which greatly improve the success rates of security testing. Furthermore, he will provide insights into methods for managing security testing in a large-scale setup, which are currently being developed at Mozilla.

Bio: Christian Holler is a Senior Security Engineer at Mozilla Corporation. He is part of the Platform Fuzzing Team and works on automated security testing for various parts of the Firefox browser and the underlying platform modules. His research on automated generic interpreter testing (LangFuzz), developed at Saarland University, is used by both Mozilla and Google to test various parts of their JavaScript engines.

Interview with Christian Holler. The slides of the keynote can be found here .