Christian is a Senior Security Engineer at Mozilla Corporation – the company behind the Firefox browser. Christian’s speciality is “grammar-based fuzzing”, that is, feeding programs like the Firefox JavaScript interpreter with inputs that are syntactically correct, yet sufficiently unusual to trigger uncontrolled behavior. In 2012, the langfuzz tool he wrote as part of his Master’s… Read More

Lionel Briand is one of the most prolific (and most cited) researchers in Software Engineering. His research areas covers all sorts of software V&V problems, often addressed in collaboration with industry; In the last 15 years, his work has focused on model-based testing and verification, often using search-based approaches. Lionel heads the Software Verification and… Read More

Martin Vechev is one of the rising stars in program analysis. He brings together statistical learning, program synthesis, and code analysis to new and exciting applications in code transformation and code deobfuscation. Practitioners may know him for JSNice, a tool to automatically unobfuscate JavaScript code by inferring the most likely names and types. Martin is… Read More